Why do sycophants become successful in India especially politicians?

Because masters don’t have to take responsibility. Baniya Narendra Modi is a Sycophant of Brahmin Mohan Bhagwat. Age old casteism. Atleast Dr. Manmohan Singh with his experience and intellect and qualification knew about government and was an advisor to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Narendra Modi only knows how to train people to spout hate against minorities when their caste entitlements are not fulfilled.

Once the master has used his servant he is disposed like Dr. Singh and Narendra Modi will go the same way and we will never know which Kashmiri Saraswat Brahmin was controlling this country.

Really Brahmin and Baniyas are the most intolerant people in India whether they are from the BJP or the Congress.

Their integrity is immaculate. (Sarcasm)

India will really become a free country because of its political system. Trust me. (sarcasm)

Free will, Free markets and lots of money come with the independent thinking and rationalism, not sycophancy.


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