Why do people of shivsena create so much problems for everyone?

Because they believe they can create terror in people’s minds and then bully them as they like. Some of them are psychopathic cases who need psychiatric help. Actually this goes for all extremists. They love torturing other people. They love Hitler. Criminals, extortionists, murderers, frustrated unemployed people, psychiatric cases join them. So you know why they create so many problems for others, Some of them have mommy and daddy issues which stay unresolved. They are primary cause of mob frenzy in Mumbai. Their love for bigotry is so great that they cannot control their animalistic tendencies and then laud themselves as the bravest people in the country.But they will run away when faced with real threats. They have real fear of people standing up to them. They are Mumbai’s official mafia. They love extortion so they create problems because for them extortion and crime is an industry. So I hope I have answered your question.


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