Why can’t India ban Shiv Sena?

India can’t ban Shiv Sena because we love goondas to be our politicians. It is inbred in us that certain communities will not feel safe or heard till there are overt reactions of the negative and the violent kind. This thuggery or bigotry is the reason why we misuse our democratic rights. Tell me why we love fascism so much especially of the extreme kind.

Minorities don’t have rights in this country and if someone speaks out he is made an example out of. Such is the nature of politics in India. The justification for this hooliganism is always the other community or the neighbours. Indians simply don’t want to take responsibility and let these hooligans do what they want.

Majoritarian politics is getting out of hand in this country. Political parties are indulging in rampant abuse of fundamental rights in the name of either religion or caste or community and the government is openly advocating this behaviour because in India you know you have a brahmin and baniya controlled media, judiciary and law enforcement which makes one sided decisions and you can get away with it.

We refuse to take the perpetrators of such hooliganism to task. Because is India is mob rule not a democracy where everyone’s rights are respected.

The real India is the cowardice perpetrated by these bullies who think that we can do whatever we want because others will just cower into submission. That we have done for 5000 years and look where its landed us. Courage to stand for one’s rights is something sadly lacking in this country.

So proudly call yourself tolerant all you want the world will give you a report card of your human rights abuses and rampant racism and then don’t say expect respect and tolerance from others when you refuse to give the same to your own countrymen.

Shiv Sena is only one of such organisations that use force, xenophobia and blatant racism against their own people and it is not that India can’t ban it. They won’t because the reality of politics in this country is one of thuggery and bigotry. Shame on people who support such violent and racist people who treat their own country as their fief and their own people as serfs.


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