What is your opinion on Sundar Pichai’s initiative on creating more diversity at Google?

In India there is no diversity even in companies and educational institutes. What diversity will Mr. Pichai create at Google? In his own country his own people treat other communities as if they are subhuman. Typical Brahmin hypocrisy. There is no proper political representation. What will Mr. Pichai create diversity at Google?

India is become the perenial hell hole of intolerance. We are supposed to BE NICE and BE RESPECTFUL about it.

The best part is oneday he will be another Rajat Gupta. Baniyas steal from their own country what they will respect people in America.

But Brahmin Bigotry that is something we are all proud of. Brahmins are so great, Chanakya’s plans backfired so will his.

Mr. Pichai is just using American tolerance to institutionalise Brahmin intolerance. I have real respect for Brahmins. Very smart people.


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