What do you think: Was Indira Gandhi a great prime minister of India?

Indira Gandhi was India’s greatest megalomaniac in history. She laid the foundations of what I would call as Intolerant India. She was a master of deceit and created extremists whom she herself could not control like Bhindrawale, Bal Thackeray, etc.

She destroyed the country’s secularism with subtlety. She proved that fanaticism is the ticket to political greatness. She was the greatest zealot in Indian history. Indira Gandhi made India’s greatest strategic blunders. Because of her today one day this country will break apart.

Every fanatic in India looks up to her as some kind of Goddess. She created the foundations of Hindu Rashtra which oneday will be very costly to this country. All fanatics in India look up to her as an inspiration. She destroyed every reform movement in this country.

Her Bangladesh war has only today made Bangladesh as a country which has made it more intolerant towards Hindus and West Bengal as a state which has been pushed towards both Islamic radicalism and left wing extremism. West Bengal has become the primary bashing state for formenting Hindu extremism in India.

The tools she used against other communities in India are today breaking this country apart like Marxism and left wing extremism. Like her Brahmin predecessors like Chanakya all her strategies today have backfired very badly.

To say her Bangladesh was a great achievement is a lie. Because today Hindus are not respected in Bangladesh and there is constant Hindu-Muslim tension in Bangladesh today. History will prove that she was a tyrant who destroyed the very basis of a Democratic and Secular State.

She created Sycophants which till today serve the Nehru- gandhi dynasty not the country. She has become a source of Hindu pride but in the long term it will prove very costly.Her politics of convenience has made sure this country will only be an extremely unequal state with inequity between castes and religions.

Her greatness was only in her tyranny not in her as a person. She made sure this country will become a Fascist, authoritarian regime which will oneday destroy itself. Her self destructiveness will only cause more problems in this. Her life is great example of why violence begets violence and tyrants will somehow meet very violent ends. Funny is life, isn’t it?

Blind Hero Worship Always results in Disappointment


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