Is PM Narendra Modi only a good talker or also is capable of delivering?

PM Narendra Modi is the greatest joke in history. He could not pass his school and his supporters call him an economist. Great man!!! He not only does not know English but also talks nonsense. I hate his speeches. It filled with fillers and repetititive words and whenever he gets stuck He either says mitroooon or Bhaiyo aur behano constantly repetitively. The man is a joker with a mass murdering tendency. His oratory is over the top and he is India’s most overated speaker. The Intolerant Bhakts can’t take any truth against him and downvote or report answers against him and will prove it by downvoting or reporting.

Narendra Modi is the country’s biggest bully. He preys on the weak and does nothing. And his followers call him a patriot. He can’t even give an interview properly. And people think of him as a great leader. 3 time CM of Gujarat. PM of India. Most bigoted man in India.

What has he delivered???

Did he bring back black money? Did he reveal the names of Swiss bank account-holders? He only talked big and did nothing to remove corruption in this country. Demonetization had little effect.

He only increased hate against minorities, nothing else and increased his TV viewership and popularity.

He had a free world tour courtesy his office and rank as PM of the country.


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