Is Manmohan Singh the worst prime minister India ever had


Serving the country is a crime in India. People who held public office or try to bring peace between communities are people who are thieves.


Congress and BJP steal and blame it on Manmohan Singh. Sikhs will always be victims to an intolerant and majoritarian India. Where Hindutvadis will terrorise us day and night and we should say Hail Indians are very honest and tolerant. Look the crooks never got to jail like Rahul, Sonia, Priyanka, Raja, etc. The Opposition was hand in glove with the Congress. Did anyone, absolutely anyone in the media report this.

So a majoritarian Hindu Rashtra is on the cards where unfortunately a meek Sikh is bullied by Hindutvadis. Statistics are created to lie and impeach the character of a person and community which suffered nothing but discrimination in India.

Modi’s primary motive isn’t Make in India, or Digital India or Clean India

It is actually

Ethnically cleanse India

Racial superiority of upper caste Hindus

Lie and Cheat India

Intolerant India

Ram mandir building India

Mosque, church and Gurudwara destruction of India

Loot India and blame it on someone else

Radicalise Hindu Youth

Give them a sense of Pride when they are supposed to have none

Beg from other countries

And my favourite

Throw satellites in air where no stretch of road in India has a clean Toilet

I am really proud to be Indian

Why you will bully me to be proud? God save your soul

Thankless India

And we should always remember that Racists in India outnumber the tolerant.

Stealing is as bad as mass murder, ghettos and racism in this country.

So we have this Dr. Manmohan Singh is a PM India never deserved nor Sikhs are community India deserved.

Proud to be Indian. Thank you for your fine example of religious tolerance especially Congress and BJP


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