Is a Part time MBA (MFM) from JBIMS worth it? What are the future prospects with respect to the getting leadership roles?

Views are personal and please cross verify claims that I make. My opinions are honest as the rest are:

The MFM course or the part time course of JBIMS is really worth it.

Now the 3 years I spent in Bajaj were the most toughest, gruelling and difficult times of my life. Trust me it is not an easy course and definitely not for the faint hearted. But it will give you tremendous perspective and tremendous insight into human behaviour. Personally don’t do it for the placements, the brand name or the money. Do it simply for the experience. if you do it for anything else you will be disappointed atleast in the short run.

Go to JBIMS for the following reasons

  1. The faculty: The faculty whether they are visiting or full time is simply the best I have encountered. They are usually masters practically of the area you are being taught. They have doctorates in practicality not in theory, Even the doctorates have great understanding of the industry and know their area exceptionally well. They usually share their experiences and this is what sets JBIMS apart from the rest of the b-schools in the country. They are usually at top management and you will understand how to get there.
  2. The crowd or peers: It is the only b-school where a student with 3 years of experience doing a sales job will sit with a CEO of the company, an owner of a family business, proprietory traders, IAS officers, Military , IIT graduates, senior officials in the govt owned companies. And your understanding of people will be enriched and what it takes to get to the top both positively and negatively
  3. The alumni network: Just look at the notable alumni Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies – Wikipedia and you will understand the networking opportunities provided you have the right social skills
  4. The frequent interactions with the industry: Frequent talks with honchos of the industry and listening to them is simply something you will get at very few places. Again because of the alumni network.
  5. The job opportunities: There are no official placements for part-timers but you do get job opportunities and people do help you to get good jobs through networking including the full time students and highly placed part-time students. It is simply on how you network and manage your ego.
  6. The Cost effectiveness and ROI: Compared to other b-schools, JBIMS has the best ROI and is relatively a great bargain.
  7. Bragging Rights: Getting an MBA from JBIMS is no cake walk and you deserve to be very proud of your achievement no matter what the world thinks. At the end of the day it is all about how you sell yourself

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