In India why is it wrong to call a spade a spade?

Majority of Indians are very cowardly people. They are proud of one surgical strike and they think they have defeated Pakistan.
Indians are so intolerant that they can’t even hear the truth. They can’t stand it. The ruling class of Brahmins is so deprave that for 5000 years they have kept India under foreign occupation.

The history written by them is so false that when they hear the truth they ban the book. Indians are generally very spineless, sycophantic and cowardly people. Very few are REALLY good people. Majority of them will just idle around doing nothing if left alone and also they will just criticise and do nothing all talk no spine. SUCH is the LEADERSHIP OF THE COUNTRY. They virtually have no morals and work ethic NO NOTHING.

They love to boycott people who tell the truth on their face. They just love to show people we are very tolerant people and we should enslave ourselves under foreign occupation and that is why the foreign races ruled us.

Today we are a puppet state with fake elections and sycophantic leaders that is the truth about our freedom.

You really can’t call a spade a spade in India because people are afraid of the truth.


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