Are Marathis generally fair or dark?

Maharashtrians are Syctho-Dravidians by race. They are a race originated from Central Asia which immigrated to India and mixed with Dravidians. Their skin colour is generally dependent on caste.

The Upper caste Brahmins are usually fair but as the caste goes to Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, etc the colour becomes darker. Upper Castes are generally fair.

So a Joshi is usually fairer than a Sawant or a Shinde.

Skin Colour is largely homogenous amongst castes in India as there are very few mixed caste marriages in India. Men prefer fairer women and vice versa to move up in society. Exceptions exist but generally it is correct for most of the time. In depth caste study will I hope prove me right.


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