Why isn’t Shiv Sena banned?

Because in India there is no democracy or secularism. India is an ochlocracy which is rule by the mob.

People are either emotionally blackmailed, threatened or bribed to vote for parties which have made a mockery out of the Constitution. The Shiv Sena is a terrorist organisation which believes in using terrorism and they never go after terrorists they only go after the innocent. You know we should actually disband the Shiv Sena and make its members join the army. So we can understand their level of real patriotism. They completely lack courage and they are bullies and the national parties Congress, NCP and BJP are all Fascist parties so they end up supporting a neo-fascist party like the Shiv sena and MNS. Infact the Shiv Sena was created by Indira Gandhi to take down the Communists. Now you know why a Certain politician admires her so much.

India as a country has become a hell hole for minorities because of ultra nationalist thugs who strongly believe in pseudo-nationalism. See India you know doesn’t have law and order. It is just whims of particular politicians that we see law and order in between violence against innocents.

We don’t ban them because we consent to be cowed down or terrorized by them. The day we stop is the day they will automatically disband. This hate machine and its allied politicians which belong to all parties must be banned.

And if you blame Muslims communalists please remember you are no better or less intolerant.

People who support such hypocrites and bigots will know that these people are people who love money and property not the country, not secularism nor the Constitution. For them their supporters are just a votebank to be milked. Because any way Mumbai is only a cash cow for them. They have no concern for anyone.


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