On Donald Trump’s impeachment

I am no American or know much about American politics. But I was following the presidential debates of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I must say I was pretty impressed with Donald Trump and his campaign. He fought a very vicious media campaign against him. Even the moderators were biased against him. I seriously think he wants to make America Great Again. Great fan of his economic policy not a fan of his foreign policy. Has good intentions. Good businessman. I think Americans should reconcile with their President. Wanting him impeached would do USA no good on the world stage. Come on Indians also deal with bigots as leaders but you learn everyone is equal in bigotry in politics rest is all propaganda. I think he deserves a chance. Wanting him to fail is like flying in a plane with him as a pilot and you without a parachute. I agree with this statement. I think he should take initiative in mediating with partisans and supporters of the Democratic Party. Kind of try to work with them rather than against them. I think he should make efforts to be more tolerant himself. Rest is all in American hands.


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