What is your opinion on the conspiracy theory given by Arvind Kejriwal and AAP that demonetization helped the Adanis and Ambanis?

Arvind Kejriwal: Demonetisation of notes is a scam, who owns black money – Ambani, Adani, Sharad Pawar or aam aadmi?

I remember a lot of messages were circulated on Whatsapp about demonetization helping the Ambanis and the Adanis the BIG GAMES they played with the country that they had prior knowledge, recapitalization of public sector banks, etc. etc. etc.

Mr. Kejriwal is a great attention seeker. His Marxist-run party is run by very shameless people from St. Xavier’s, St. Stephen’s and JNU who are but obvious Marxists and call themselves Illuminati. They preach Marxism and themselves go and work in multinationals.

See I am not very intelligent. But I have a little commons sense. This theory was made to scuttle business in India and destroy the credibility of Indian businessmen by people who can’t even run a roadside Tea stall. Another beautiful thing a lot of Parsis support AAP means Tata funding the AAP. So please remember and try to find out who is the latest Nira Radia style -lobbyist for the Tatas. A lot of NGOs who volunteer for the AAP were Tata-funded employees. Wherever Parsis go there is Tata. Majority of the people who circulated this message were Marxists secretly and were from a particular community. So we know who is who and what is what.

Multinationals trying to scuttle Indian Businesses was an old British Tactic. Trust me I am no fan of baniyas but truth be told. and conspiracy analysed

Mr. Kejriwal and his party are master character assassins. Jesuits trying to rule the world anybody????


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