An Appreciation Of Rahul Gandhi tearing up the Ordinance on convicted lawmakers in 2013

Wish this was true

Manmohan Singh takes revenge, calls Rahul Gandhi’s “emotional” speech a “complete nonsense”

The manchild and his secret formula

Revealed: The secret behind Rahul’s speech on Ordinance

Rahul Gandhi.

All hail the King of Knaves!!!

Master and Commander of millions of Congressi Sycophants whose numbers reduce everyday!!!

Why doesn’t he quit politics?

A lot of people really want him expelled from the Congress?

Atleast the Congress will atleast win some credibility and India will prove it is a true democracy!!!

The Prince Charming of India ( I am a real fan of Shrek) is the country’s biggest joke.

He really proved that We shall steal and Allow others to steal. Because stealing is the basic right of every Indian politician.

What is politics without stealing anyway? No fun in it anyway?

The new commandment of Indian politics.

Thou shall steal and the public can’t do nothing about it.



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