On education and politics

Well education helps if you aren’t a racist bigot. If education brings light to your mind instead of making you proud of the fact that you are educated or very brilliant. See access to education in India or our even passing your papers or the kind of marks you get is largely dependent on your caste and religion say you are a Brahmin or a Baniya. Plus education in India is largely politically controlled so sycophants tend to do very well in education. It is impossible to be politically neutral in India these days. Media, political parties, NGOs, businesses, etc. all are also controlled by Brahmins and Baniyas. Religious control of education is also another factor, it is where community leaders are manufactured. You really can’t secularize education in India. Propagation of faith is very central to India. So we really need educated politicians but there needs to be stringent filters from allowing bigots to enter the system. In India dynasty is another major factor in politics .We need to somewhat secularize the education by giving all cultures equal weightage like according to me people are insenstive to Sikhs because they do not know anything about them or their history. The kind of businesses funding political parties should be bought under the public radar especially real estate. Politics in India can only work better with better education and also if more moral people join it. Education is not the only criteria for a successful politician, morality is another major factor. Look at Dr. Manmohan Singh who is so wise and Sambit Patra who is such a bigot.


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