Jat reservation: A critique

India is a country of shameless opportunists whether they are from the BJP or Congress. Giving reservation to the privileged is the new game for political parties in India. It just shows that Indians lack spine to rise up through merit and the ones that genuinely require reservation like Dalits should somehow share their hard fought rights to education, employment and the other basic necessities of life. Hinduism which long has been apartheid in the guise of religion is giving a new form of disenfranchisement for the masses who also deserve the necessities of life like everyone else.

The Jat reservation cause along with the Patidar reservation cause is the primary game of shameless politicians in this country who cannot see the backward classes moving ahead in life. And we should call India a ‘tolerant’ country and an ‘egalitarian’ society and somehow socialism is the ‘panacea’ for all problems in India. Such is the nature of depravity in India. The BJP and the RSS have become the master of the double game. The Congress was already the master of votebank politics. Such a dangerous mix is out to disenfranchise the people who genuinely require affirmative action.

Jats are demanding reservation at ‘ gunpoint through peaceful means’ is become the new mantra for the rest of forward castes in India. We should give the Patidars and Jats applause for the fine example of promoting equality in this country. Well done guys you really proved that India has more apartheid than South Africa and you are shamelessly promoting it.

Jats are a forward caste and a land owning caste with good jobs and education. I really have to admire BJP’s electoral strategy and I believe I can rightly call India a morally bankrupt country.

Why doesn’t the BJP directly tear up the Constitution and the Preamble. atleast I don’t have to view this hypocrisy

Dr. Ambedkar would be laughing in his grave right now


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