Dr. Singh: A victim of Racist India

Social Humour: After PM Modi, Twitter trolls Manmohan Singh- The Times of India

Slandering an a highly qualified ex-PM shows that people in my country are so intolerant that they cannot accept truth in anything he said. This is the height of hypocrisy of my countrymen who voted the Congress to power in 2004 and 2009. But now since the Hindutvadi strongman Narendra Modi has come to power he has Dr. Manmohan Singh has become the butt of jokes in this country. People who have nothing else to do are now blaming Dr. Singh as the root of all corruption in India when trust me neither Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal will prove to be any better because they are controlled by the same vested interests that voted the Congress to power Brahmins and Baniyas. I would ask my countrymen to have some respect and pause to have some modicum of respect for a man who has served this country for all his life. But since this country is hell bent on destroying itself and blaming a highly qualified Sikh PM for voting the Congress to power. You think Narendra Modi is a very clean guy? This just shows Indians are the most racist people on earth. They cannot respect anyone who was educated and rose up in life in this country despite the worst Sikh genocide and racism perpetrated by the Indian state. Tell me who is weaker, a man who ran rivers of Muslim blood in Gujarat in 2002 or an innocent man who kept silent and tried to reconcile the Indian state and the Sikhs after. Just because a Sikh rose up in life chose a path of non-confrontation he is considered as weak. Besharmi ki bhi had hoti hai. There is a limit to shamelessness which this country will never learn. I am the biggest critic to the Congress but I cannot condone my country to misbehave and troll a man who gave nothing but the best to it. Narendra Modi the mass murdering psychopath has proved he is so weak that he allowed RSS goons to run amok in this country. Allowed law and order to break down while he was CM and PM. Did it happen under Dr. Singh. Who is weak a Gujarati Street thug or a Sikh economist?

Please take some responsibility and don’t show the world how foolish you are. But India is very proud of it’s monsters from Indira Gandhi to Narendra Modi and the fascists of the future. The most qualified man to ever run this country is called a monkey by Hindutvadis. Is this justice? My friend justice for 1984 will come later first give Dr. Singh some credit. If Dr.Singh wears a raincoat while having a bath Narendra Modi was the proverbial masked and raincoat wearing Jack the Ripper with a Chainsaw. Narendra Modi couldn’t stand up to his own party, its mother organisation RSS and he calls Manmohan Singh weak. Personally corrupt or weak might be the Congress but Dr. singh was a true Statesman whose vision and achievements could not be matched by the whole of BJP combined. and India calls itself a tolerant and inclusive civilization by calling its finest PM a monkey, weak man, groveling PM, Phd in Bak*****. I would proudly say my countrymen are the weakest people in the world with the GREATEST BULLY AND BIGOT IN THE WORLD AS IT”S PM who had a weakness towards thieves and thugs whom I regret voting for. Who only knew how to make goondas in this country like Raj Thackeray and Hardik Patel to name a few. God save this country


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