What is your view on RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat who says everyone born in Hindustan is a Hindu including Muslims?

Consider this do you think you can force idol worship, superstition, astrology and all the other mumbo-jumbo forced on you by your fellow countrymen. Have we become so intolerant that a 5000 year old out dated belief system is suddenly forced on people like Muslims, Christians and Sikhs even when their religions have vehemently opposed the unorganised paganism that is Hinduism? Do you think it is right for the majority to force it’s beliefs on the minority?

Last time I checked we were a secular country now communal forces in this country are breaking apart the secular fabric of this country by calling us Hindus even though our belief systems are so diverse that even Hinduism has different forms. Now welcome the RSS and Mohan Bhagwat who believe they have replaced Aurangzeb to force convert our beliefs to Hinduism even when I personally never believed in my own religion.

Now how come Hindustan for the Hindus only originated from the Congress now the RSS is making itself famous all over the world for its secularism and tolerance (I am sarcastic now). The beauty is why do we love Hindutva so much and still remain a secular country.

Narendra Modi, Mohan Bhagwat and all the other Hindu bigots of the RSS has really proved that Hindus are the most intolerant of people only they are subtler than the rest.

No religious reform movement survives in India because of the 5000 year old bigotry shown by these fanatics. I really hope I am proven wrong by the maximum idiosyncratic belief system shown by these very peculiar fanatics that Hindus can sometimes be tolerant because I don’t think they are.


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