What is the agenda of the Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal?

The agenda of the Shiv Sena is very simple. They want Maratha cultural hegemony and Hindu religious hegemony in India. The Bajrangdal is like Hitler’s SS. Both believe in aggressive Hindutva. They love terrorizing people from minority communities. Bajrangdal activists are on the forefront of any riot started against minorities in India. They both believe in extortion politics. Extortion is the main source of electoral funding for the Shiv Sena. Every Shiv Sainik is a self proclaimed Ram mandir supporter and Bajrang Dal is a kar sevak. They are the most communal people in India. They are not political organisations, they are like the mafia with interests in real estate, corporate, etc. Every Tom Dick or Harry in Mumbai who is even remotely connected to the Shiv Sena or votes for them thinks they own the place. They are like bullies who need to be stood up to. They thrive on fear and need severe chastisement. If they hate Pakistan or Pakistanis they should join the army to fight them rather than trouble Indian Muslims who are innocent. In my opinion they are 3rd most dangerous people after the Left and communal Muslims. These people will destroy this country if not stopped. We will be at never ending communal disharmony and war if these organisations are not stopped.

That day is not far when like ISIS they will kill more Hindus who are secular than Muslims. They will destroy everything that India gained after India gained freedom. They also bully and target secular Muslims. Their agenda is communal polarisation and majoritarian politics in India. They are pushing Indian Muslims towards extremism

RSS must be banned in India. I don’t think anybody wants RSS goonda raj anymore.


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