Is it civil and does it meet the parliamentary ethics of PM Narendra Modi’s comment on Manmohan Singh that he wears a raincoat while taking a bath?

Narendra Modi attacked Manmohan Singh: Narendra Modi attacks Manmohan Singh with ‘raincoat in bathroom barb’

Narendra Modi has proved that India is the only country where a Mass-murdering psychopath who is not even 10th Std pass can openly slander a respectable economist while enjoying India’s most prestigious political office. His Kashmiri Pandit masters have forgotten that it was his Guru’s that saved their godforsaken religion. India is the only country where an illiterate has more respect than a Phd in Economics. Such is the nature of decadence that has crept in Indian society. I strongly condemn this statement.

Why was he quiet on his party’s mother organisation RSS supporting thugs like Hardik Patel, Raj Thackeray, etc.?

Why was he quiet on 2002 communal riots in his state when he was CM?

Why was he quiet on Swiss Bank Account Holders on which he has information but refuses to disclose it?

Why is he quiet on the constant intolerance that has plagued this country since he became PM?

Why does he deny that his party people actually helped in money-laundering during demonetization?

Why does an innocent Muslim girl Ishrat Jahan die in a fake encounter case and the media has the guts to call her a terrorist?


Dr. Manmohan Singh has done nothing wrong. It is Narendra Modi who today is India’s biggest scamster and psychopath.

He has no right to question Dr. Manmohan Singh and call him a slave to the Gandhi’s when he himself is a sycophant to the RSS and the Kashmiri pandits who are staging a coup on this country.

A man who could not even pass his 10th Std exams ends up in the country’s most powerful position and questions his predecessor who is an honest man and far more qualified than him.

India has become so racist that a Hindutvadi bigot and gully ka goonda has more respect than a Sikh economist who has come up in life through merit.

Narendra Modi you are a small man in front of an intellectual genius even whose boots you are not fit to polish.

Now such is the nature of India today. RSS must be banned!!! Narendra Modi should be thrown in jail.


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