Are BJP and Narendra Modi anti-minority?

The BJP and Narendra Modi are the most bigoted people in this country. Fascism and RSS should be banned in this country. These people do not respect anybody’s rights except the upper castes Hindus. The Hindutvadi bigots will ruin this country and the RSS will succeed in partitioning this country. Do you think a person who does not respect minority rights will respect majority rights? The RSS will be like ISIS they will kill more right minded Hindus than people from minorities like Muslims. They will destroy the secular fabric in this country. On the top of it anybody who speaks against the BJP is talking about minority appeasement. Isn’t this the height of hypocrisy? Upper caste Hindus are only 20% of this country and Brahmins only 1%. Yet they hold all important posts and jobs in this country. Yet they support reservation of the privileged castes. Hitler Mein Kampf should be banned in this country. RSS promotes hatred toward minorities and believes in Hindu cultural hegemony. India as a country is being destroyed by the RSS. RSS cadres spew nothing but hatred against minorities in India. Nobody deserves to get impeached and thrown in jail better than Modi. He is a liar, cheat and bigot.

In UP he wants the Ram Mandir and quietly asks Subramaniyam Swamy to manufacture consent for it. I hope the people of this country see for themselves the monster that Modi is.


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