Is power theft (katiya) a significant issue for Uttar Pradesh?

UP election: How Akhilesh Yadav does a volte face in giving nod to katiyas for power theft

The interesting thing about India is the utter shamelessness of its politicians in allowing lawlessness. Good Governance is seriously lacking in India’s cow belt. The people are shameless and the politicians all the more. Allowing something as serious as power theft and encouraging it shows how serious law and order problems exist in this country. Politicians in our country lack responsibility and are only interested in votes. Change in attitude is seriously required to end this malaise.

Take power theft as a major example. UP has a power sector debt of around 54,000 crore and the CM is actually encouraging power theft. He says we are trying to provide round the clock power. The CM had made tall claims but delivered nothing on power theft. This shows us the malaise of misrule by the Congress led UPA. See stealing things yourself is one thing and encouraging others to do so is another. If this continues we will lag behind the rest of the world as a society and the world will make a mockery out of this country. Taking responsibility is something our politicians should learn and people should learn that doing wrong or freebooting is not going to help you in the long run.

Coalition politics is the cause and misgovernance is its effect. politicians must become role models for our society unfortunately these role models are so bad that we lack basic ethics in this country. The rulers are worst malaise to this country and the ruled are exploited in the name of giving free lunches. The question to be asked is whether these free lunches will ruin our country and economy? They will and how should we stop it?


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