Will AAP win Punjab and Goa?

I don’t think they will win in Punjab. they are lying too much for their own good. The party has no credibility in Delhi. The AAP has been working unconstitutionally. They have no inner party democracy. They have communal politicians from the Congress. He is interfering with the SGPC and doing God knows what?

My own personal view on the AAP is this

AAP isn’t the party worth voting for.

There are Marxists in the AAP. They are supporting Khalisthanis. They have people with serious upper caste racist mentality who are from Youth for Equality anti-reservation bigots. So lower castes will be finished in Punjab. They really don’t care about people in this country. Arvind Kejriwal is an attention-seeker. In short we don’t want a party with communal mindset like the AAP. SAD has a track record of protecting democracy when the criticized Indira Gandhi during the Emergency. They are colluding with the Congress to divide the Sikhs and Hindus. They will ruin Punjab economically.

Sad truth is just another politician who wants votes. They are supporting patit Sikhs like Bhagwant Mann.

Akalis are becoming victims to majoritarian politics of this country


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