Why should Akalis be voted again?

Akalis saved India’s democracy from Indira Gandhi and worked hard to keep India a secular country. They are strong and passionate people. The Baniya run media is just character assassinating them. They can win elections in Punjab alone. Just read their history they are a great party. Look at Amritsar and the kind of work being done there.Communal parties like AAP(which is run by Marxists) and Congress just want to divide the Sikh vote against the Akalis. They have tremendous credibility in Punjab. I stand for the Akalis because I actually was impressed by Amritsar and the Drug problem is a lot worse in other states. But since the AAP wants to win by hook or by crook so they financed Udta Punjab. So negative perceptions are more powerful Hence they are uping the ante on anti-incubency.

I think people from all castes and religions should vote for the Akalis. I think they will really change the perception of Sikhs in this country. They want Sikhs to join the Army . Anybody who calls them Khalistanis is actually a Congress agent.


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