Why is Rahul Gandhi accusing/targeting PM Narendra Modi on demonetization issue?

I hope they are taught a lesson: Ram Jethmalani attacks BJP govt on black money issue

Rahul Gandhi is the king of knaves. He has so much money in tax havens and Swiss banks abroad that he should be least worried. All this is is just wordplay between the BJP and Congress. It is all theatricality and deception which plagues our political system.

According to Ram Jethmalani, “Throughout the 2014 election campaign Narendra Modi made a very strong and appealing argument against black money. There is a report of a task force of the BJP itself that $ 1,500 billion from India are stashed abroad. I don’t believe people in Germany are more corrupt than Indians, yet they paid $ 475 million to an employee of the Liechtenstein Bank and got 1,400 names. It was shocking to know that most of the names were of Indians Swiss Bankers Association declared that the majority of the names were of Indians.”

“The German government officially declared that it was willing to share the names with any friendly government, without cost, without condition and nobody from India bothered about it. On top of it, after having won the election, the party president, who has been appointed by Modi, makes a public statement that all this talk of corruption, of getting back the black money from abroad, was an election jumla, a joke.”

My opinion is demonetisation in my opinion has just hurt low level political workers who hoard cash. These went over to the BJP and the BJP accepted them. The real money is stashed abroad including Rajiv Gandhi’s Bofors money.

On the other hand something is better than nothing it is slow death for the Congress. Though demonetisation never affected me or my family. So no question of black money.

Economists who criticised Demonetisation should not and did not deserve to become economists because they are sycophants of the Congress. This is the sad thing about our politically controlled education system where sycophancy reigns supreme and sycophants become highly qualified.

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