Why are the AAP and Congress trying to garner the support of feminists?

AAP is using this Congress tactic. Congress has traditionally used feminists against the Akalis. The Congress usually uses upper caste women to show gender equality when they don’t believe in it.

The logic is simple, they actually want to destroy Sikh women and families

Feminism is a flawed philosophy. Women can be viciously sexist towards men. I agree that Women are the superior sex.

Guru Nanak said

Of woman are we born, of woman conceived; to woman engaged, to woman married. Women are befriended, by woman is the civilization continued. When woman dies, woman is sought for. It is by woman that the entire social order is maintained. Then why call her evil of whom are great men born

SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

This is an age old Marxist tactic. The Communists are usually male dominated but will use the females to achieve their goals. One of them is to destroy religion and family. So that children become dependent on the State rather than on their families. Now you will understand why there will be a rise in divorces, single mothers and premartial sex. It is to destroy families that this tactic is used. I am not being sexist here but objective.

It is just used to destroy culture and is pseudo in nature. Do you think it is right that children should grow up in broken homes when they can grow in healthy families?

These women will then be more abusive to their children. There is a rise in women abusing their children more than men in the US especially if the child is male.

Healthy families are richer rather than single moms.

Watch this video y Stefan Molyneux on single moms.


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