Why are AAP people so communal toward Sikhs?

If i tell the truth AAP supporters will downvote me and remove my views from Quora. AAP people are cheats with no scruples or Morals.

AAP is just using the 1984 Sikh riots for electoral gains. I know AAP is filled with people with intense hatred for Sikhs. Also they seek to win elections in Punjab hence 1984 riots are a issue for them . AAP has anti-Sikh supporters of butchers like Julio Ribiero and KPS Gill. They will do anything to win elections including supporting anti-sikh Marxists like Kanhaiya.

They are courting Khalistanis and want to show their liberal image to the world but they are extremely communal and cunning.

1984 Sikhs have no friends which is the sad truth in India neither does 2002 Muslims.

The national parties of India BJP, Congress and AAP is infiltrated by Marxists.

I really hope they lose in Punjab and get wiped out in this country.

The most anti-Sikh of them are Khalistani elements who are Marxists.

There are fake profiles of AAP supporters on Quora and Quora is acting extremely biased towards them.

If you remove my views remember God is watching.


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