What would happen if India and Pakistan are reunited and India start to invest in Pakistan. How would it be advantageous for both countries?

It is impossible for India and Pakistan to reunite. With the decades of hate between India and Pakistan. Islamofascism and radical Islam is on the rise in Pakistan. Education in Pakistan encourages hate for other religions and people. If it happens it would be a form of deception to destabilise this country. People who think our countries can unite are living in fool’s utopia. No one wants war but no one in this country wants to be forcibly converted to Islam either. Neither are Pakistanis peace loving. They threw out Sikhs and Hindus from Pakistan in 1947. Some of these people were billionaires. Some of these people rule this country. You think they would want peace with Pakistan. Old wounds are very hard to heal. Pakistanis would just backstab India. Until the military, the ruling class, the ISI and Islamic radicals do not get defeated India will not know peace. I really wanted peace with Pakistan but somehow I don’t think it is possible


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