What are the chances of AAP in the Punjab elections 2017?

AAP has no experience in Punjab and does not understand Punjab and Punjabis. It should change its name to AAP(Marxist). They are spreading false propaganda against Punjab and Punjabis. The drugs problem in Punjab is well managed by the Akalis and they are doing a good job. AAP has a very strong and powerful section of leaders who are virulently anti-Sikh. Marxists actually encourage use of drugs.

They are managing lies and lying about us. There are more drug addicts in Bengal and Mumbai why did they not Udta Bengal and Udta Mumbai. It was because AAP wants power in Punjab by hook or by crook.

It seems they financed Udta Punjab. People who are virulently anti- Sikh acted in that film including Shahid Kapoor( his father Pankaj Kapoor used to be in Santa Banta and make fun of Sikhs), Kareena Kapoor(who played that ridiculous part in Jab We Met) and Diljit Dosanjh (he is a patit or clean shaven Sikh).

Sikh actually have a religious injunction against intoxicants and drugs including tobacco, alcohol, bhang, etc. Please read the Sikh model code of conduct or Sikh Rehit Maryada.

The AAP is playing votebank politics They want to destroy Punjab economically by giving freebies. Congress wants to use the AAP against the Akalis by dividing the Sikh vote.

If they ever win in any state they will, be exposed like they were in Delhi.

AAP is courting anti-sikh cults like Radhasoamis and Nirankaris who were created by the Congress. It is a party run by Marxists. They want to destroy Punjab. You think people should be quiet about this fiasco that is AAP.

Arvind Kejriwal has no credibilty in Punjab. AAP has come to destroy Punjab it is a Trojan horse for every patriotic Hindu, Muslim or Sikh.

people supporting AAP are anti-Punjab. Should Punjab pay the price for dirty politics of the AAP.

They Baniya run media is supporting them for their own vested interests. will Sikhs remain victim to the majoritarian politics and anti-Sikh policies of this country despite being the most patriotic people.

Our gurus sacrificed their lives for you and you are character assassinating the Sikh community.

You think atheists should rule a profoundly religious people who have no loyalty to any religion.

They are courting Khalistanis and Marxists.

For more of my view please visit One World, One People, One Leader and Kanwarsimar’s Weblog


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