Should India do war with Pakistan or not?

India should conquer Pakistan. They are destroying India by advocating communal Muslim Politicians.They are sending ISI agents to destabilise this country. They are spreading drugs in Punjab. They will destroy India if we do not destroy them.

They are hiding anti-India ideologues like Hafeez Sayeed. They are bleeding India with a thousand cuts. They threw out Sikhs from Punjab during Partition which is a land which rightly belongs to them.

They are using Indian kindness for weakness.We can’t wait for them to destroy us. They are backing Marxists and Maoists with the help of China who are advocating civil war in India. They are backing actors who have only economic interests. It is only by destroying them we will know peace. We want peace and they continue to send terrorists? And there are answers which want peace. They think we are cowards.

They think they area a martial race and we are cowards. We should not allow such people to survive. it has to be a just war with minimal civilian casualties.

Nobody wants war but if your lives are in danger and the enemy is constantly bullying you should we keep quiet. This is not what Krishna, Swami Vivekanand and Guru Gobind Singh taught us.

They kill innocents and decide where to send Kashmiri Pandits who live like refugees in their own country. You think a country where they kept Osama Bin Laden hidden from their own ally deserves mercy. It wages war against it own allies and backstabs people who trust them. They sell nuclear weapons and technology to rogue states like North Korea.

They create terrorist and wage proxy war with us. Will they live like hunters and we like prey?

They are a threat to world peace and the epicentre of terror for the world. they character assassinate Indians globally. They lie so much at times it is beyond belief. They call the world’s largest democracy a rogue state controlled by Jews. they write false conspiracy theories against Indians. They want Islam to rule the world.

They also believe in Ghazwa e Hind. They want to convert every Indian to Islam. They want to rule the world using terrorism as a weapon. They threaten us with nuclear bombs and blame us for Kashmir.

Indians are viewed as cows because of them. After this do you Think we should not go war with Pakistan?

They believe they are the descendants of the Mughal empire. They are destroying Islam. Are we so stupid that we want peace with our own plunderers?

We want no problems with Muslims in our own country but Pakistan is hell bent in inciting communal riots with them so we can have war with them.

They call us communal despite Muslims being successful in every field in India.

Also we have no problem with the common people of Pakistan but the Government, Generals and The Army are hell bent on destroying us.

For more of my view please visit One World, One People, One Leader and Rebel without a Pause


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