Should Hindus or Sikhs vote for AAP?

I really don’t think neither Hindus nor Sikhs should vote for AAP. Arvind Kejriwal supported those traitors from JNU who wished nothing but the utter destruction of this country. It is a party run by Marxists which supports Khalistanis because they are all over the Khalistani media. We really don’t want this party to come to power in this country. They along with the Congress are only interested in Hindu-Sikh sectarian violence for votes. They neither care about the Sikhs nor they care about the Hindus and this has nothing to do with communalism. How can anyone have so much powerlust? They are playing extremely dirty politics and they are master character assassins. They will be everything they claim to be against. They want to divide the Sikh vote in favour of the Congress and they claim to be against votebank politics. They support Leftist terrorists like Banat Singh. They have virulently anti-sikh people in the party.


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