Life numbed by Pain

It is very easy to be blind to someone’s pain when it is not your own. People come up with all sorts excuses to escape reality. It is very easy to say when you shouldn’t blame others till it happens to you. Some people will say don’t screw other people’s happiness if you can’t find your own. Such people are escapists who can’t deal in reality. When  there is a psychopath on the loose destroying people’s lives and other’s do nothing it is when cowardice strikes you.

Hurt is a very powerful weapon retaliatory hurt even better. Screw people’s happiness if they try to mess with yours. Destroy people if they screw with you. The harsh fact is people have become so bombarded with pain by the media, by society, is that they become numb to other’s pain and inflict pain on the weak. People who are powerful think they can get away with anything.

They can do anything without taking responsibility for it. It is a deep moral question for me.Am I responsible for other’s pain?

If I am then it is okay but most people think I am weak and I will do to them what they did to me and my family. There can be no more escape, forgiveness, giving latitude to such tyranny. Don’t take my niceness to be my weakness. I am scared of no one. I may not have power today. You do not know when I will get it and the consequences will be very grave.

People who destroy others face destruction themselves. My conscience is clean I haven’t done anything wrong and I promise myself you will pay very dearly if you wrong me or my family or community.

I am an extremely vengeful guy. Don’t get on my nerves. I will wait very patiently to destroy you wear you down then I will hunt to you to all corners if the globe if you mess with me.

I am not from a political family that does not mean you discriminate against or try to destroy remember what I say I will destroy anybody who messes with me. I really don’t care who you are. I will fuck your lives in perpetuity.

Don’t mess with my hate I have plenty for a lot of people. I come from a very good and tolerant family and I am very educated. Don’t bring uot the monster in me. The Congress, BJP, Left, AAP all parties disgust me equally. I am no Khalistani. I only want to tell the truth and there is nothing wrong with can be blind, deaf, mute to such torture I can’t. I am a man of my word. I don’t like Gandhi, Nehru, swami Vivekanand and every Hindu bigot in this country. I will show you how ugly you are. You are cowards You are only fit for Christian and Muslim slavery.

You cause fight between communities and blame others.You don’t have  a penny of tolerance in your life and expect tolerance from others.

You lie more to yourselves than to others. You are the world’s biggest thieves and Failures. You are cowards, Marxists and Fascists. you disrespect all religions and not believe in your own. I really know Karma is a bitch. I am extremely intelligent guy but I have faced discrimination in my education, workplace and life and I will fight tooth and nail against these Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Jain Fundamentalists


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