Is it sure that BJP will lose UP after Manmohan Vaidya’s comment on reservations?

I am no fan of the BJP but I am a great admirer of their political maneuverings.

They are good administrators and understand what India wants,. It is their aspirations that make them successful as a party.

They have tremendously good understanding of strategy. They are predominantly an upper caste party. They put a lot of thought in their maneuvers the BJP should win in Uttar Pradesh. This is an objective view. They are making all the right noises for their electorate.

I don’t exactly always understand them. Gujarat worked out well for them. So will Uttar Pradesh. There are not a lot of good options in UP. BJP seems like the best option. Even though I am a critic of Hindutva my guess is that the BJP will win no matter what the RSS does.

BSP is corrupt and Congress is more corrupt and facing desertion, SP too much infighting. The Modi wave refuses to die down.

Reservation as an issue is given a very negative connotation. It has lost its value in India. People who require reservation don’t get it and People who don’t need reservation actually get it. Still we need to improve the system not destroy it.

I personally don’t like reservations for ideological reasons but they will be very unpopular in India. Everybody needs a job, education and a home. We shouldn’t let others monopolise them especially the upper castes.

I think the BJP should make peace with the lower castes who knows it might benefit them in the long run and make them stronger.


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