Is AAP forwarding the left agenda?

Happy Republic Day to Everyone

AAP has significant no. of Leftists and people with frustrated power-lust. They too have communal politicians considering the way they are using social media. Development is just the name of their propaganda and they are lying. Nobody cares about minorities in this country and AAP is using them to garner votes. I don’t want you Marxists to rule the country. They are supporting Khalisthanis and Marxists. They lie to the teeth. They want to make India a communist utopia. Their policies are left-wing wing and you are doing everything you are claiming of not doing of the above. They give freebies and increase the fiscal expenditure. The have no care for Government finances and do not understand Government.

Dalit icon Bant Singh’s shift to AAP in Punjab symbolises the Left’s electoral irrelevance

You are supporting Marxist terrorists and the mainstream media is calling them heroes. Does the mainstream media have any credibility left? He was perpetrating and calling on to create violence against Sikhs.

His life story is the first example of violence begets violence. Also they want the Dalit sympathy vote.

You are dividing India along caste lines and talking about equality. You are dividing the Dalit votes of the Akalis nothing else. BR Ambedkar wanted to become Sikh first but Mahatma Gandhi threatened them. This is your true face.

Akalis fought tooth and nail to keep India free from Indira Gandhi’s emergency. Does anyone of India give them credit?

They kept this country secular.

Worse you are filibustering to keep me out of Quora also many fake accounts of the AAP are coming up with fake stories.

I am against the right and the left but what you are doing is downright disgusting.

To know more AAP should be destroyed in Punjab.,

One World, One People, One Leader and

Rebel without a Pause


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