How strong is AAP in Punjab?

AAP is a Marxist run party. Patriotic Punjabis and Sikhs hate the Marxists. AAP is just misguiding people. It is a party that has lost in credibility from the people in Delhi. The are supporting Khalisthanis and Marxists. They are character assassinating Sikhs and then asking for votes from them. The Shiromani Akali Dal has an excellent track record in Punjab. AAP is playing dirty tricks to come to power in Punjab. Even if AAP wins they will be exposed like they were in Delhi. Punjab needs a pro-Sikh government to uphold the values of the Gurus. You can’t give power to these power-hungry and deprave atheists.They will only ruin our religion and our culture. Congress should be finished in India they are way too corrupt and communal. Also AAP hates Sikhs and I know this from personal experience. They don’t deserve power. What have they done in Delhi to deserve power in other states?

AAP does not care about Sikhs for them they are just a votebank and they want to sell and distribute the natural resources of Punjab for free only for electoral gains. They will destroy Punjab and finish the Sikhs.

Again if you criticise them the will downvote your answer. Remember God will show the world your true colours if you come to power. It doesn’t matter whether they are strong or weak in Punjab. What matters is if they are moral or ethical enough to protect a 500 year old movement that is Sikhism and no one can do that better than the Akalis.


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