How do you compare Prakash Singh Badal, Amarinder Singh and Arvind Kejriwal on personal capabilities?

See all politicians are corrupt because politics is a business like any other. To say one candidate is better than the other would be a lie. The media is controlled by Brahmins and the Banias. There are lot of vested interests in looting or exploiting a state’s resources. People usually come to power to sell state resources to business. So all this talk of Arvind Kejriwal(who is a baniya) will somehow wipe clean the state is somehow lacks credibility. It is all AAP propaganda. It is a marxist party with a soft Hindutva tone. Arvind Kejriwal is wooing Khalistanis and Marxists which has been proved by articles in the press. The Khalistani media always demonizes the Badals and somehow always manages to praise the AAP. Is it a coincidence. In fact Arvind Kejriwal is a incomptent politician and Captain Amarinder Singh is a big traitor to the Punjabis and the Sikh community. AAP will only blame the centre and Narendra Modi for its shortcomings like they did in Delhi. Prakash Singh Badal is atleast having experience, know Punjab and enjoys reasonable trust of the Sikh Community. A lot of lies and exaggerations are put in by the AAP because they want to win this election by hook or by crook. Sikhs were unable to get important licences from the Centre by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty throughout its history so industry in Punjab became stunted. So I personally don’t wan’t Congress goonda raj in the state. AAP has no experience of Punjab and will worsen the problems of Punjab by sheer incompetence and Congress goonda raj in the State will even worsen the corruption in the state. Personal experience suggests that Akalis know Punjab better than anybody. We don’t want atheists like AAP and traitors like Captain Amarinder Singh to come to power. They will only destroy our religion and culture. All this talk of liquor drug mafia which is controlled by the banias in Punjab. Do you think Arvind Kejriwal will stand up to his own community? See Congress is master of subterfuge it will only create Hindu-Sikh sectarian divide in Punjab. Do you think the baniya lobby in AAP will allow him to make changes in the State? Akalis need to be reformed they stood up to Indira Gandhi during the emergency when everybody else gave up. Prakash Singh Badal has most knowledge about Punjab politics. Arvind Kejriwal is refusing to comment on the SYL issue. Times Of India is partisan to the AAP. Only Akalis have taken a stand on Satluj-Yamuna link in favour of the Punjabi farmer. So personally I would vote for the Akalis.

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