Does Akali Dal support the idea of Khalistan? Do modern Sikhs approve of this idea?

The Akalis are very patriotic people. They only wanted the Punjab Suba or Punjabi speaking state in the 60s like everybody else. They wanted equal rights for Sikhs and wanted the Sikhs to join the army. There were instances of discrimination against Sikhs. They wanted to ban smoking, gutka, tobacco and drugs in Punjab. Please read the Anandpur Resolution for more information

Anandpur Resolution – Wikipedia

All this was viewed as a demand for secession because the Congress was character assassinating the Sikhs.The Congress played the subterfuge game and tried to destroy the Sikhs from within. so Indira Gandhi created Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and his Marxist supporters. They along with Congressite Sikhs created a demand for Khalistan.

Do you think I would live in Bombay if me and my parents would want Khalistan. simple logic The person who asked this question wants Hindus and Sikhs to fight in this country. You are character assassinating Sikhs in this country who are thousand times more patriotic than any indian Citizen. There is no demand for Khalistan. It is a demand by Marxists who call themselves Sikhs and Congress who wants to destroy the Sikhs.

No one wants another partition because it will destroy both India and the Sikhs.

People who want Khalistan are funded by the Congress. Pure and simple. Anybody who disputes this fact is a liar

What really happened in Punjab Part 2 for more information

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