Do opinion polls matter?

Consent is manufactured. Honest people don’t run the media and never will. The Baniya run media of this country are the same community which run Drug-liquor mafia in Punjab. All opinion polls are made to influence election. The channel which gets the highest money and patronage from a political party will only try to influence election in their favor. There are no free and fair elections. AAP is known to get favor from the highest elcheons of the media. They always have and always will get it. How much money has AAP getting. What are the deals made behind the scenes so AAP gets what it wants?

A party which refuses to disclose its true ideology is Marxism with a soft Hindutva tinge is expected to win elections. Is it fair?

What about the transparency that this party promises? Do you think they will keep them?

“Lie, Lie, Lie Till it becomes the truth,” is the fact of this election. Promise of change brought to bring about despair to a community already burdened with the pain of discrimination, militancy and political subterfuge.

SAD which is the victim of majoritarian politics throughout must rise up against the oppression of the Congress, AAP and BJP who are destroying their name and destroying their land. Punjab is a land of the Sikhs, it is the land of the Gurus and no one deserves to preserve its heritage better than the SAD. It is a party that has humbled dictators and bigots. Fought tooth and nail against the discrimination of Sikhs in this country. Preserved our language. No one deserves to rule Punjab better than SAD


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