Can BJP And AAP Form Alliance in 2019 Election?

A Fascist and a Marxist party together is a really interesting combination. I really think it will be a like Arvind Kejriwal capitulated to the BJP. Well atleast he will stop his rants against Narendra Modi. But I think BJP and AAP should never be together. It will be bad for India’s democracy. We don’t want India to be controlled by Fascists and Marxists. it will be bad for India. A party wanting a Hindu Fascist state and another wanting secular country. The balance of power will be in BJP’s favour. Anyway both parties believe in Hindutva also according to some commmentators. BJP is hard Hindutva and AAP is soft Hindutva and Marxism. I think AAP is still finding its identity. It is marxist party believing in Hindutva. AAP and BJP together would’t be a good idea


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