Arvind Kejriwal recently said that some journalists are “PIMP” when one channel showed AAP in 3rd spot in a pre-poll survey. Your views on this?

Shame: Now Arvind Kejriwal calls “Anuradha Prasad” a “Pimp “- Know what happened?

Arvind Kejriwal really can’t accept reality or take criticism constructively. In Punjab he blames the Akalis for all that is wrong with Punjab. He wants to surround himself with yesmen. he really doesn’t care about people. They are really are just robots who should vote for him. In the media any survey that goes against him is a liar. Any body who criticises him is a liar. People should only praise this guy even if he does nothing in Delhi. The media that supports him are the real pimps who refuses to tell the truth about Arvind Kejriwal and his party.

P.S. I am not a supporter of any party, media personality or even any community. The opinion is written because of irritation of Arvind Kejriwal’s constant attention seeking in the media.


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