Why do we have riots?

Communal riots and tensions are manufactured to steal the property of the minority community and allow the lumpenproletrait to loot their valubles.

A lot of these communal riots in india happen against Muslims, Christians and Sikhs in India, against Hindus in Bangladesh and aganst Sikhs, Christians and Hindus in Pakistan.

This method of victimizing a community is an ancient one. Crassus in ancient Rome used burn hoses in Suburbia before buying the property in ancient Rome.

See criminal elements in society in connivance with the police, judiciary or armed forces are used to intimidate a particular community.

Now whether it was the partition in 1947 and anti –muslim riots or 2002 Gujarat riots or 1984 sikh riots. They were done to settle property disputes between families, neighbours or the most common reason to displace the minority community and unsurp their property.

Riots are done mostly by Fascists but Marxists would do the same thing. In Soviet Russia, Marxists used to do communal riots against Jews and other minority communities. Same goes for Facists . there used to be communal riots against Jews in Germany.

Now ever since the BJP RSS has come to power. There is a rise in Islamophobia and RSS has been brainwashing people to send all Muslims to Pakistan.

There is a rise in hysteria in the media over radical Islam,

The BJP wants to build the Ram Mandir and are playing Sikhs and Hindus against the Muslims. There is a rise in radical Islam and Islamophobia and innocent Muslim’s lives are at a threat. Both the major fascist parties in India BJP and Congress have major real estate interests so does ultranationalist and xenophobic parties like Shiv Sena, MNS, etc. These real estate companies can fund any political party to turn a blind eye to communal parties antics even if they come to power say AAP comes to power they will turn a blind eye to any riot done by the BJP, Congress, CPI, etc.

They haven’t delivered their promises on the 1984 anti-sikh riots. They are just filibustering.

In india real estate is controlled by Parsis, Marwadis and Hindu and Jain Baniyas

Donald Trump who is now come to power in USA has major real estate interests all over the world including India. Even though I am a fan of his economic policy I paused and thought. Extremist Hindus want Donald Trump to come to power. He is known for his staunch stand against radical Islam. He is an Islamophobic and xenophobic will worsen the problem all over the world even though his real estate interests will go to his children.

Are you seeing a pattern BJP in India, Trump in USA will cause rise in Islamophobia and provide the impetus to vicious cycle that is radical Islam. We will see a rise in recruits to extremist organisations having Marxist, Maoist and Islamic links which will set the stage for a World War.

Also we will see a rise in fear and mass hysteria in the media and fascists will employ various tools to start a propaganda war.

Tensions with Pakistan are also on the rise which is a radical Muslim state wanting to destabilise India. The BJP will play this card too. Hypernationalism has always been tools for BJP and Congress.

Om the other hand radical Islamist parties like AIMIM which has real estate interests too are gaining traction. We are set for a potboiler

Arnab Goswami used to always brings radical Hindus and radical Muslims on his debates on Uniform Civil Code. Now he has his own channel. Times Now was a channel controlled by Jain Agarwal family who are very communal.

Live debates are there everyday to polarise the electorate. Will we become a warzone?

We need to stop politicians with criminal backgrounds, corrupt practices and real estate interests to come to power in India.

This madness has to stop. Otherwise this nation will be in chaos.


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