What the USA and Donald Trump can learn from Guru Gobind Singh

I would be grateful if some of my American readers could forward this to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to congratulate President Donald Trump on his victory to become the 45th American president. Indians like me cannot vote for your elections but the whole world is affected by what you will choose to do as the leader of the free world and as the protector of democracies of the world. I am an objectivist and have the greatest respect for the United States of America. I am deeply influenced by American ideals of liberty and equality and a big fan of American culture and American thinkers especially Ayn Rand.

I must be honest I wanted you to win but never thought you would. Hillary was clearly the favorite. Your economic policy impressed me and I seriously think you are a leader who deeply cares about his people not just a politician.

I believe that my country can learn a lot from America and you. You fought against a very biased and hypocritical media in your campaign against Hillary Clinton. The judges in your presidential debates were extremely biased against you. Even after winning fair and square the media is still against you.

Some vested interests don’t want you to become President and are all making arrangements to impeach you. Your fight was a fight against all odds. Let me tell you there are people in the world who do not understand you and your vision. Hillary was truly financed by Muslims through her Clinton foundation I believe you. I watched all your debates and you were clearly better than Hillary.

You are everything I love about America. A successful businessman, brash and arrogant and give-a –damn-about-what-the-world-thinks attitude. I believe we have a lot in common with our my way or the highway attitude. I loved you’re the Apprentice program and the way you said, “You’re fired”

I am in love American culture, business and everything American. I have great respect for you and for your country.

The reason I wrote this letter was that the post 9/11 world has been cruel to the Sikhs a community I belong to. Sikhs have been mistaken as Muslims and attacked even though they are at a 500 year old ideological and moral war with Muslims in which they have seen success and will triumph against all odds against the fanatics who have destroyed Islam. Nobody has suffered more from Islamic bigotry and intolerance more than Sikhs. No community in this world has shed more blood to defeat these fanatics and save people of all religions. Yet we are mistaken as Muslims. But we are not against them or hate them because we have beliefs that one must not raise their swords against Muslims who are innocent.  I believe that unlike my own countrymen especially Hindus whose religion they died protecting even though they did not agree with them.

I want to share a few insights from Sikh history on how to defeat radical Islam. And would like to write a series of emails to you informing you of Sikh history and culture if you are interested.

Sikhism is a 500 year old religion which reform movement of Hinduism and Hinduism is corrupted by Brahmins who are some of your greatest supporters and financiers.

To defeat Islam I believe you should not raise your sword in anger or hate but in compassion and with great responsibility to protect your people. If you go to war in anger or at the behest of Russia you will lose mark my words. Because this is what the Islamists and Russians want you to do. It will only cause more anger and resentment by Muslims against you and your establishment and strengthen their resolve in defeating you. Also it will bring the Muslims who are patriotic on their side which is also they want. If you go to war you will kill more innocents than the guilty so that they can show the world that Americans too can be war criminals they fought so hard against.

Your war needs to be a just war against only those Islamic fundamentalists who are spoiling the name of Islam by committing acts of terror. All Muslims

may not be bad people and are as scared of these radicals as your public is. This needs to first be a war to be fought in the realm of ideas first. An ideological war backed by good and noble deeds. Bring the moderate and patriotic Muslim to your side to defeat the power-hungry and greedy Muslims who are enemies of your people. War should be your last resort as Guru Gobind Singh would have told you.

He would have said to know Islam and Islamic radical ideology i.e. Salafist and Wahhabism better than your enemies to show them that they are wrong. You don’t have to fight ISIS it’s a trap to destroy your army and weaken you. Then the Russians will make mincemeat out of you. Your hidden internal enemies especially communist and Russian agents are trying to destabilize your country as mine are and will only stay quiet as long as you have your army not away on foreign wars your country cannot afford. I request you to let the Russians die against ISIS. They will destroy themselves as your people want to. And Putin is not your friend. Also please we don’t want another Vietnam at this stage of world affairs. Please use your military options very carefully. I really don’t want America to lose credibility

Do not go to war as it will only cause resentment among st your people for you because your universities are filled with fools as mine are.

Fate will bring Indians and Americans closer. I am sure of it. We have a common destiny to save this world.

He would have told you to tackle these first before moving to a foreign war especially the Marxists from my country who are infiltrating yours and poisoning the minds of your people against you especially people from Berkeley.

One warning do not trust the Hindus they have their own agenda. They are traitors to their own country and loot it with impunity. They back stab their own people and the people they gave their lives for. They have blinded their countrymen for the last 5000 years and back stabbed their Guru who sacrificed his father and four precious sons and continue to do so. Do you think they will be loyal to you?

These traitors have backed Muslims for the last 1000 years and trust me their old habits will never die. They only show faith in public but are atheists from within. They will be very sweet on your face and stab you in your back.

The most important thing is Get Rid Of the leadership of Pakistan. These cowards need to be killed in the most brutal fashion. They are responsible for destroying millions of lives. Not only because of terrorism but also drugs, Bollywood and other vices. We are fed up of them. And our leadership is too weak to take them on.Please do not use nuclear weapons against Muslims. They just did one surgical strike and went on think they won the war.

I signed the petition to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terror and really hope you act on it unlike your predecessor.

Also be careful of Islamic radicals within your allies especially Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Do not act like Gandhi and capitulate to your allies.

Don’t listen to the Christian Right warmongers who will only succeed in destroying you. Learn from the Crusades on how impulsive decisions will destroy you.

I am a commoner who doesn’t know of politics and I am not very wise. Please take my advice with a pinch of salt and take actions very carefully.

I want to apologize if people from my community have called you a hatemonger. They really are afraid of you because through your hate for Muslims and some of your actions are pushing them towards their real enemies. I want you to extend a hand of friendship to the Sikhs and trust them. I assure you they will be your most loyal allies though there are a few misguided Marxists among them.

I really hope that your business interests will not come in the way of your presidential duties. Real estate is tricky business with a lot of grey areas. A lot of terror money is laundered in real estate. The Congress, BJP and all political parties have real estate interests and want to destroy innocent Muslims, Sikhs and Christians by initiating riots in this country and then you using them to profit in real estate. I really hope you are not part of this fiasco. Don’t let your greed come in the way of your patriotism. Do not destroy the weak for they have only God as their succor. Be a protector of the innocent and not bully to the weak. This is something your enemies would want.

You are the President of the freest country in the world in the most opportune time. Firstly may you be a President for all Americans not just white Anglo-Saxon males. May you become a President for all not just white Anglo-Saxon males. I trust that you will act in the interests of all people not just American white Anglo-Saxon Males.

The world right now not only needs a strong leader but also a compassionate one. May you truly make America Great Again.

I will be waiting for your response if you would want to know about Sikhs, Sikhism and Sikh History.

May God help you in your cause and make you fight a just war at the right time.

I really trust you and please don’t let me down.

I apologize again if I have said anything to hurt you.

Thank you


Kanwar Simar Singh


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