There is no meritocracy in India

Education is a big scam in India. Degrees are sold in India. Individual merit doesn’t count in India. Your caste, religion, ,mother tongue, etc has more chances of getting you  a degree in India rather than your ability to learn. Brahmins and Baniyas are the root of this evil in India. Brahmins are considered to be smarter are given attention by teachers are preferred for science and engineering. Baniyas whether Jain or Hindu are preferred for more commerce profession and CAs. Your mother tongue in Bombay whether you are Gujarati or Marathi are selectively preferred in this country. Maharashtrians usually act as if they own the educational institutes in Maharashtra and behave in any manner they choose. Maharahtrian Brahmin teachers give preference to Maharashtrian Brahmin students. Gujaratis are the most racist of the lot. They think they own the damn country and we should live according to their whims and fancies.

They act very sweet but behave very badly with others. Financial services, finance, commerce they are given the most preference

Christians in Jesuit run institiutions thinlk that they are Gods chosen people and everybody else does not think scientifically or rationally. They ape western culture and have no respect for others culture. They are extremely cunning and cry over majority communalism but themselves will act in  thre most communal fashion. There is same is with South Indians, Hindi speakers, muslims etc.

I hate to tell you this but education is the bedrock or foundation of communalism in India and the blame goes to the Congress and its brand of soft Hindutva. The more educated you are the more racist and communal you will be. Linguistic, regional, religious  biases are more acute among the educated elite than among commoners.

Other cultures are forced upon those who belong to other communities or languages or religions. BJP looks like babe in the woods as compared to the Congress. BJP is atleast more direct and hardcoded. Congress is subtle and conniving. Sycophants from BJP, Congress ansd Marxists are given leadership positions and good marks especially if they are Brahmins or Baniyas. There is no neutrality or scope for disagreeing with your teacher if he has opposite or very communal or racist cultural or religious views. Important questions and personal attention is given to those sharing the political and cultural views of the teacher rather than your ability for critical thinking. Fascists are bad but Marxists are the worst.

You cannot criticise Marxist teachers or students neirther you can do that with fascists. These days Narendra Modi and Rahul sycophants fllood their propaganda in Whats app groups and socialmedia accounts. Their only aim is to loot you and destroy this country

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And politicians are corrupt


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