The Liar and Cheater College of India

St.Xaviers College is filled with lying, cheating unethical maggots who only know how to bullshit everybody. They only know two things lie and cheat to win. They have no morals or scruples. They dominate the media, PR and the CSR. which allows them to lie for the maximum amount of money. All the secularists, Hindutvawadis, Christian fundamentalists, muslim fundamentalists, maoist fundamentalists and  all the other shit come from there. They play psychological, group pressure and psychological games with anybody who outperforms them.

They are the most manipulative people in India.

They will create pseudo-intellectuals who rewrite history, destroy ideology and lie about everything under the sun. They are the biggest liars on earth.

They have a group called the Illuminati which plan all this intercaste, religious and parochial problems in India. They actually manufacture it. They  are not related to the original Illuminati. They’re only job is to spurt bullshit.

They are more interested in Khalisthan than the Sikhs are.

The Marxists are the best the best local legal terrorists. They want to make everybody a damn Naxalwadi. They will talk Marx and themselves work in multinationals, go to the US and do all kinds of shit like land deals, corruption and so on. All the local Maoist problems in universities are caused by them.

Then they will start Aam aadmi Party or LokSatta Party to wipe corruption. Actually they should name it Xavierite Party of India 1 and Xavierite Party of India 2.

They will try to make you their followers and if you don’t follow them they will ruin you, they always want to be leaders even  when they are neither fit, moral or ethical enough to be leaders.

They have no sense of honour or integrity and will destroy yours also. They never have any intellectual integrity and will probably destroy yours too.

They have a very relative sense of ethicality and will  have no sense of absolute morality. They have a very big ego and will ask you to be humble.

They know nothing and claim to know everything.

They will always try to brainwash you in Marxism.

They will do social programmes and steal money.

They love character assassinating other people.

They will always bully you and say you are bullying them.

They will tell you to die for what you believe in and themselves will never die for what they believe in.

They will always over exaggerate.

They will always try to make everyone a Bhagat Singh and themselves never become one.

They only believe in wordplay rather than objectivity.

They will always be communal and talk secularism.

They will always be aggressive with other and call others aggressive.

They always admire Hitler.

They will never let you come to power or have power and even if they do you will always be a puppet.

The Aam Aadmi Party is going to change nothing. They will do the same things when they come to power.

People in Xavier’s should name themselves Hypocrites of India

They will claim patriotism and turn out to be the biggest traitors.

If they kill half the Xavierites half the problems in India will end. Guillotine them!!!

They produce more traitors than JNU.



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