Religious or irreligious fanaticism: Why i am writing this blog?

I really know some of my readers might be perturbed at some of my blogs and might be angry. I would like to apologise and I had no intention of doing so. But I believe I have a duty to inform bigots in this country to behave themselves as God is watching even though you may not believe in him. And everyone at some point in their lives becomes answerable for their actions.

Truly religious people are not fanatics. Fanatics are not religious people. There is no in between. Religion teaches you to respect fellow human beings.

But there are irreligious fools brainwashed into Marxism and Fascism who don’t believe in God and do all sorts of wrongs in the name of religion. They want you to give up everything in the name of religion your honour, family, life etc. for the cause also known as the greater good.

The question is giving up one’s life really for the greater good really worth it?

Your life is precious. It is the most important gift of them all. And people are trying to misguide you and use you for their own political ends.

They will reward you, praise you or punish you in getting things done. When you resist them they will ruin you. So should you be afraid?

No. Start becoming aware. Think scientifically. Think critically. Critical thinking is not taught it can only be learnt by observation with experience and reading different perspectives to the same problems.I want to spread new ideas and fresh thinking.

This blog was intended to make everyone aware irrespective of his caste, creed, religion or language.

When I say Christians are becoming intolerant. I am saying power-hungry, irreligious fools who happen to be born in the Christian religion and are just using it to fill their pockets which can include priests, social-activists, psychologists and so on. Same goes for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Hindis, Marathis , Gujjus, Brahmin, baniya, dalit etc.

This blog is intented to make everyone look in a mirror and ask themselves what are we doing.

Is it right to blindly copy the behaviour of this bigots?

This blog is not intended to cause rifts between communities but to inform them that they are doing and they blindly aping these bigots . Self awareness is the key.

I am not using this blog to spread hate. I am a victim of it and know how it feels. If you judge me based on my beliefs or to protect these vested interests remember God is watching and he is righteous and will extract the same amount of pain you give an innocent like me.

I know what I am doing. I cannot be a mute spectator to people,  families, communities, etc. destroying themselves anymore. I cannot watch idlely to this country ruining itself. I am a member of a society destroying itself through depravity and violence.

If you want to trouble me or troll me remember I am not scared of anyone and firmly believe in Jisda Sahib rakha hoye tis nu mar sakhe na koye. To whom the lord protects, he cannot be killed.

These powerhungry tyrants want to ruin this world and I cannot be a deaf, blind or dumb to these psychopaths like Gandhi who was a sociopath. I want to clear the name of some people and question everything. I consider it my right and firmly believe that God is righteous.

Nobody in this world is perfect. This blog is the evolution of my thinking. I will humbly admit if I am wrong and boldly protect if I am right. Thank you for reading this blog Please criticise me constructively.


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