No sikh killed Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi did not die by the hands of her Sikh bodyguards. The shot was fired from behind the bodyguards behind the wall. Ram Jethmalani’s case did mention a third person present who assassinated Mrs. Gandhi and successfully escaped.

Indira Gandhi was planning to attack Pakistan as the USA and Pakistan were busy in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. The assassination had an international hand because it was meant to have international repercussions.

Sikhs.were just scapegoated.

I don’t think when the big tree falls the earth shakes applies to the United States or Pakistan or Russia. Neither does Khoon ka badla Khoon.

I want to ask the question how come three major leaders in South Asia opposed to the US died at the same time. Co-ordinated assassinations anyone?

Ziaur Rehman of Bangladesh and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

The Government knows about this and probably never mentioned this. Scapegoating a community is far easier than fighting the United States or Russia. Very convenient.

Do you think the rioters were brave people? Or highly intelligent?


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