Never Trust a Marxist in India

Never die for a foolish idea. Nationalism, Marxism, Fascism or any other as they ideas are just fallacies. They are just creations of a mind. Your martyrdom will be in vain or worse you will die for some other reason and it will be construed as dying for your foolish cause. You end up becoming a business. If you ever love an idea live for it and take it to it’s logical conclusion.

Marxists love to blame everything on the USA even though brahmins(hindu muslim christian) and jesuits are looting this country like hell and they are all Marxists. All business leaders politicians are all hypocritical Marxists. All political parties in India whether AAP Congress BJP  CPI(Marxist, Maoist or Marxist Leninist) are all controlled by marxists. Marxists steal and blame it on the US.

They will talk equality when they have institutionalized inequality in this country and fascists are now doing the same. All their talk of equality is all lies because in India only brahmins get everything they want in India. They will lie, cheat and steal their way to power and money in India.

Marxists are some of the most rich and powerful people in India.

They talk secular but they too are very communal, racist and. They will tell you to be humble when they are the most arrogant people in India.

They will criticize America and go and study, teach and bullshit there.They are extremely jealous of Americans and Jews and put all the blame on them.

In India they have institutionalized inequality and racism and blamed it on the US. In India it is the government that has brought inequality and the government in India is run by Marxists.

Marxists actually kill the poor rather than bringing equality.

They killed 20 million people in Sovet Russia. Thaey are the masters of scapegoating.


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