Fight on Quora with Marxist AAP

My last post on Quora was criticized by Marxist who is master character assassin. It really proved that Kejriwal lacks ability to take criticism and has no inner party democracy. He is exactly like the people he criticizes does exactly the same thing. He is communal, selfish and arrogant. It showed the true face of the AAP who are the most power-hungry people in India backed by the international media. with strong connections with the Illuminati (India) nothing to do with the original ones. They are liars and cheats who do no deserve to come to power in a cow shed let alone a state. They are master character assassins deserve to be rooted out of the country.

Kanwar Simar Singh

Dear my profile is very real so am I so are my views. I know the AAP too well. So who are you voting for you Mr. Fake Photograph. India’s political system is so corrupted it deserves very honest and shocking views.



Raghav Bhandari

Kanwar Simar Singh

Countering AAP fake propaganda and lies requires hard work. Please criticise intellectually. You really don’t want me to show you your low level of IQ. Reporing me will show 5000 years of hindu ingratitude and cowardice. Please report me show your cowardice.

Kanwar Simar Singh

Babumoshai they saved the entire race just read their history. They also toured Bengal for your kind information



Ramanuj Sah

Kanwar Simar Singh

No dear you read history written by bigoted Hindu Brahmins whose sole aim is to Hinduize India. Nobody except Sikhs did anything. You are lying and everyone who wrote that history also lied. Your kashmiri Pandits begged for their lives in front of Guru Tegh Bahadur not anyother Marathas or ganga or gajapatis or Vijaynagara. You Arya Samajis are lying to protect your lies which when taken out th…



Kanwar Simar Singh

Bow before your Rahul gandhi who we all know is very intelligent.



Ramanuj Sah

Ramanuj Sah


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