Did I make a mistake by voting for you Mr. Modi

This is a direct appeal to the Prime Minister of the country Mr. Narendra Modi. Dear Modiji I voted for you to improve the economy of the country which is performing pretty badly. But the question I wanted to overlook was the fact why do the Patels require reservation? It is well-to-do community. They consist of 14% of the Gujarat’s population, virtually run the state’s economy (infact the country’s) and are politically influential. The word Patidar itself means Land owner. In a country whose economy is run by Banias( especially Gujaratis) and media by Brahmin and Banias.  The chief minister of Gujarat is a Patel. The entire diamond polishing business in Gujarat is run by by Patels. Some in your party blame the Congress, the AAP or whatsoever. But I strongly believe it is your party that is up to mischief. Firstly why Hardik Patel is lavished so much attention is it primarily because your touts in the media are tacitly supporting this masquerade. What did you do? Promise them before elections that vote for me and I will give you reservation. And since I know that the police, bandhs, the army etc is a big drama.  Gujaratis who are generally very sweet people have been acting very funny lately. Gujarat is slowly becoming a trouble state from a model state. Your protégé Hardik Patel seems doing well to portray himself as a gun toting and law breaking little dictator with images being  splashed all mover the media channels and the internet. All this was not expected from you. All  this talk of the Patel demand cannot be ignored is all nonsense. You can’t give privileges to the privileged. Another demand is the inclusion of Kashmiri Pandits as a minority. They might have genuine grievances with respect to their homeland and they being victims of terror but they are a very powerful and influential community which do not require any special privileges. Focus on real issues where reservation is genuinely required.


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