Clean shaven men really dont have it

People often joke on my beard.

I say u should be happy why?

Because I have plenty of testosterone. Beards and facial hair is a sign of strong masculinity and male virility. Clean shaven men look like girls. It could hide the fact that they lack sufficient testosterone to support an erection. A girl might be very disappointed on her wedding night if she marries a clean shaven man. Her husband may not get an erection.

To be sure whether your man is a real man marry a bearded man. Only real men have beards. Others are just fake. They are girly cowards who call you Osama Bin laden and when you bash them or tell them anything it hurts their ego. They always hide and talk shit.

Anyway it is usually the media which portrays clean shaven men as handsome men and bearded men as not so handsome.Constant bombardment is bad for the brain. Only mentally tough people can keep beards these days. Rest are follow the crowd cause they are cowards. It is a very discrete form of racism. A lot of  great men had beards. The media wants to make girls out of all of us.

Beards give a man a real personality.

It also helps in prevention additional loss of water through transpiration. Body hair is really good and is a sign of good health and fertility in males. You also sweat comparatively less. It protects you from ultraviolet rays and makes you less prone to skin cancer.


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